Bottling dates 2020.

Bottling dates 2020.

17 June 2020

Bottling dates 2020

From January 10 to January 23
From February 9 to February 22
From March 9 to March 23
From April 8 to April 22
From May 7 to May 21
From June 5 to June 20
From July 5 to July 19
From August 3 to August 18
From September 2 to September 16
From October 1 to October 15
From October 31 to November 14
From November 30 to December 13

● New moon ▸ not recommended period for wine making
☽ Crescent moon ▸ recommended period to get more sparkling wines
○ Full moon ▸ recommended period for all wine processes
☾ Last quarter moon ▸ recommended period for ageing wines and sweet wines


Tips for bottling

  • Transfer and filter the wine to avoid unpleasant sediments in the bottle
  • Wash the bottles accurately with sanitizing products
  • Rinse the bottles with the same wine to bottle
  • Bottling during not windy and clear days
  • Use dark bottles for long ageing wines
  • Use sterilized and lubricated caps of high-quality cork
  • Let corked bottles vertically for a couple of days
  • Storage the bottles in horizontal position so that the wine enters in touch with the cork


Ideal months for sparkling wines



Ideal months for ageing wines


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